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Homemade hand cream in a small glass jar.

Homemade Moisturizing Hand Cream

Working hands need to stay hydrated. And when it comes to dry hands, this moisturizing homemade hand cream is just the thing. Use this hand cream daily to moisturize those hands or overnight to repair dry, cracked skin. Homemade hand cream is a great DIY to start with to “get your feet wet” in the…

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Two rollerballs for mood on wooden board.

Essential Oil Roller Bottles for Mood

Learn how to make and use some of the best, if not top 5 essential oil roller bottles to improve mood, reduce stress, and brighten your day. Essential oils are becoming extremely common as more people are finding how effective they really are. One of the ways oils can be used is for improving mood….

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Homemade shampoo bars.

Cold-Process Shampoo Bars for Hair Growth

Cold-process shampoo bars are easy to make at a low cost and have amazing benefits for your hair. Made with nourishing ingredients and pure essential oils, these shampoo bars are the perfect all-natural solution. It seems as if most people are switching to more natural hair care and skin care routines these days. Homemade shampoo,…

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